Mar 28, 2011

Slavery Still Exists

During America's Civil War, Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery; yet, there are more slaves in this country TODAY than ever before. Most of them can slip by in society as prostitutes or hired hands, but they are surviving without the possession of their own lives. The most common form of slavery is found in "sex trafficking" or "sex slaves." Women, as young as FIVE years old, are sold by their parents into this industry every day. Sometimes, the parents think they're sending their daughter to a school or to work, but they never see her again. Within hours, she's living the life of an indentured prostitute - trying to pay a debt that will never run dry. It's horrifying, vile, and utterly senseless, but it's the face of our fallen world today. In Chicago, Detroit, Duluth, Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans. . . in just about every city in our "free" nation, there are girls without a voice. Knowing these things doesn't really do anything to change them, though, does it? What's being done? Well, legally, a lot of the "pimps" that deal these girls like playing cards have the kind of legal help to get off almost scratch-free from prison time or even a trial. A lot of places don't even have a crime sentence listed for this kind of criminal act. Right now, very little is being done to address this issue. But, honestly, has "addressing the issue" ever been the Christian way? In Christianity, we don't look at the numbers and find a way to tax illegal actions, or some such thing, we LOVE the hurt out of the broken. With love, nothing can stop us. Not ignorance, lawlessness, or vile intentions. With the love of Christ at our side, we can do anything that God puts before us to do. As a good friend of mine likes to say, "If it shall be, it is so." We, at our age, in our own ways, where we live, can help the efforts of ending this atrocity. If nothing else, we could just love our neighbors as ourselves. If everyone did that, we wouldn't be talking about slavery; there'd be no little girls in the world, wondering what life they'll be living tomorrow. After all, Jesus said to "love one another." Love, in itself, can be the greatest prevention of pain. Build upon it, and nothing on this broken earth can stop you.

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