Feb 1, 2011

Running in the Right Direction

And here I am again
Lost from my own sin
I've run away from your embrace
I've turned away from Your face
My blindness sweeps over me like a shade
Reminding me of how I've strayed
Looking over my shoulder, I see You
And I see Your eyes, their wonderful hue
They are marked with a sorrow
So deep that they seem to glow
I see them, but I turn away
I turn into the frenzy, the empty fray
Of my wandering mind, my searching heart
This hole, this loneliness threatens to tear me apart
But I keep going, gaining speed
My wandering mind having to plead
Go, go, go on and run far from Him
His presence seeming so grim
I stop, exhausted from my exertion
I am so weary, so broken
My heart in many pieces, shards
And suddenly the part that gaurds
My restless mind tumbles
The defense, oh, it crumbles
I fall to my knees, the tears
Streaming down my face; my fears
Are suddenly too real
I just need to feel
That love, the endless, merciful love
That is so gentle, peaceful like a dove
I cry out to You
I know Your tears are few
For how I always turn my back
That I took the wide sidetrack
I lift my hands, and I bow my head
And I remember what You said
You said, "Run, my daughter, to me;
Run to where you'll be free
Beside me, you shall never grow weak
For blessed are the meek
The ones who realize
I see behind the disguise
That will satisfy, provide
To the ones who have relied
On my grace, my mercy."
I realize how blindly
How hastily I have run
In the opposite direction, from the Son
Who paid my price on the cross
I see it is my loss
Not His, that is being mourned
But He has still adorned
Me with His crown
He will never look down
Upon me when I leave
Because that is the grace I receive
I find the strength to stand
I turn toward His hand
And I run to the place where I find peace
Where time and tribulation cease
And here come Your grace, Your mercy
Like a wave, a rush, it washes over all of me
And I am overcome with your amazing love
Here You are to take me, to help me rise above
Your kindness awakened me from my ignorabce and pain
Quietly, You knocked at my door, softly calling me from my disdain
So I will bow down before my God, my Everlasting King
You've given me back whom I was used to
Being with You; I will place my transgressions onto
The cross; now all of my heart will give
It all back to You, and for you I will live

I wrote this poem for my creative expression category for speech. It's really just me expressing how I feel when I've strayed from His heart, and how it feels to come back to His welcoming, loving arms. We've all run in the wrong direction, and we all know how that feels to do so. We know when we're straying, but it's a question of what we do about it. When we come to that place where it's like, "I can't do this anymore," which direction will you go? The way you came from, or where you're going, which is leading you nowhere.

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