Feb 17, 2011


You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of flowers they get for Valentine's day. There's the white roses that are so pure and simple and original. Red roses come laden with commitment and extravagance; yellow are the kind you get for your friend, mother, or an informal event. Pink carnations are cute and young, like puppy-love flowers from a high school sweetheart.

Even more tell-tale than the kind of flowers that are purchased or picked is the person receiving the arrangement. For example, a different kind of person tends to buy flowers for their grandmother than the one who slips a red rose to their girlfriend to get out of trouble. I spent February 13th selling roses and carnations all day; I know the different motives for flower-buying. It's not exactly rocket-science. There was a 15-or-so year old boy who bought three red rose for his girlfriend, Sam. A man who attends the same church that I do bought a dozen multi- colored roses for his wife who stayed home with sick kids. Men bought yellow flowers for their grandmother. A young lady bought a dozen pink roses and carnation for herself, while her boyfriend sat in her car.

It makes me sad sometimes, to see the power of a dozen roses abused for the purpose of "getting out of the doghouse" or purely perceived obligation that never really existed. It reminds me a lot of how different people use and share God's Word. There's the Sunday-Only's who only do what is socially necessary to be acceptable in their own eyes, the kind you seek God only during rough times, and the people who are committed to God and are just showing him their love.

I don't know how you spent your Valentine's Day, but I dearly, truly hope that in the joy of love, the ultimate giver of love was not forgotten.

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