Jan 22, 2011

Three Story

Their Story
Our Story
God's Story

I currently participate in a local Friend 2 Friend group. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a group of teens who get together who usually go to the same school as each other and pray for the unbelievers/believers of your school.

We met last Sunday and we talked about Three Story. It's about where we are ministering to other people through listening to their story, telling them about yours, and eventually getting to God's story. Some of us may say that we should give them the "three minute" speech about how they're sinners, but they've been saved through Christ. Have any of you ever noticed how they respond to that? Usually not very positively. That's why we need to get to know them first before start God's story.

Make them feel comfortable with you. Show them that you can be trusted and that you relate to them. They'll feel more open with you later if you build that trust up first. It'll take a lot longer than the "three minute" story, but it'll be worth it. I tell you this, heaven rejoices more over one who comes to believe Jesus is Lord than a hundred people coming to Christ.

Are you ready to participate in your own Three Story? You know who's waiting for you. :)

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