Jan 10, 2011

Strong Tower

You are my Strong Tower
Shelter over me
Beautiful and mighty
Everlasting King
You are my Strong Tower
Fortress when I'm weak
Your name is True and Holy
And Your face is all I seek

Some of you may know that this is the chorus from Kutless's "Strong Tower" and if not, well, now you know. If you have never listened to the full song before, or even read all the lyrics for it, I strongly suggest it. I think it's a great example of how we should be living, and who God really is. He is true and He is the Everlasting King.

Maybe some of you who are reading this are not Christians, and you're thinking, "Yeah, right, there is no God." Or maybe some of you are in a tight spot with your faith, family, or friends, and you think God has completely abandoned you. Maybe you are so weary and don't think you can make it through another day. Well, in any of these cases, you're wrong. God is right there beside you, comforting you, taking your hand and saying, "Child, I am your strong tower, and I will shelter you in this storm." No, it won't suddenly make what is happening disappear, but it will ease your pain. He will shelter you from the driving rain.

For you, the unbeliever, you have only to look around and see the might of the mountains, the roaring of the sea, the majesty of the plains to know who God is. He's there, though you may want to deny it. He's ready for you, waiting, with open arms to lift you from the shroud of darkness.

"And Your face is all I seek." I think that perfectly sums up what we all need to do in this life. Seek God's face, and run towards him with reckless abandon. Seek Him with all your heart, delight yourself in Him. . . He wants that from all of us.

So, are you ready to take that challenge? Are you ready to become more like Him every day of your life?

It's a new year. A clean slate. Prime time to become who we really are in Christ, not who the world, or your family wants you to be. Be who GOD wants you to be.


  1. love that song!!great post! a new year, a new day!


  2. So do I!! :) Thank you! All for the glory of Jesus. I wish to spread His news to anyone I can.
    Definitely! We will never be the same as we were today.

  3. I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also.

  4. Wow, awesome post! God is definitely my strong tower and I am trying to make Him even stronger in my life throughout the new year.

  5. Thank you! I think that's what we all need to strive for this new year-getting stronger in our relationship with God. :)