Jan 25, 2011

Mothers of Annoying People . . .

For Second Semester at the school I go to, all of our schedules change around. (I don't know if they do this in some other schools, so I 'm just clarifying, but mine completely jumbled.) To add to the confusion, a certain annoying fellow classmate of mine is in all of my classes.

You see, this person and I have a history of annoying the Jolly Ranchers out of each other. Our personalities just clash, rather severely; he really drives me crazy, and I him. And until June, he will be with me (seated next to me in most cases) every moment of the school day. Why? I'm not sure, to tell you the truth, but I think God may be testing me a little bit- giving me an opportunity to grow. A faith-stretching exercise, as I like to call it. Will this be pleasant? Probably not. Will I survive?


I'm trying to ask God to change my heart towards him. It seems that I've tried everything: random acts of kindness, being polite, turning the other cheek, ignoring him all together. . . EVERYTHING. I know that if I try hard enough, I can find the human inside the obnoxious shell; I found that it helps to try to think of him like his mother would see him.

Weird, I know, but it's been working pretty well. Because, well, mothers have a personal relationship with their sons- simply the connection of having given them the life God planned for them. Mothers watch their children grow, thinking that their boy is the handsomest, kindest, truest, most talented creation the world has ever seen. They buy them clothes, wondering how they ever got to be that tall and broad. It's the innocent, godly affection that constitutes motherly and brotherly love.

When he makes weird faces, I try to imagine him as just a little boy trying to get a laugh.

You know, when you think about it, mothers see their sons kind of like God sees us. Whenever we do stupid, annoying stuff, God doesn't abandon us. He disciplines us sometimes, but like a parent. Out of love. He sees the little children in us, seeking attention and affirmation. He sees our potential and the true desires of our hearts, and he cares.

And, like a parent, I think He's setting an example for us, that we may love our neighbor/annoyance/friends/enemies/lab partners not because of what we like or dislike about their personalities, but what we see through the eyes of someone who loves them unconditionally. Like the mother that watches them grow up. Like the God that makes that happen.

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  1. Wow! You have a very mature image of love. Thank you for your words of wisdom !