Dec 29, 2010


These last few weeks have been a definite whirlwind for me. So many different things have been happening and going somewhat wrong. Things have been difficult. I'm not going to lie.
I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our dear Savior! Mine was. . . Well, interesting. Christmas Eve was wonderful. I went to my church's Christmas Eve service, and it was just amazing to be in God's presence there. Afterward, we went to my uncle's house for Christmas Eve dinner and we all had a blast. Then Christmas morning was pretty great, too! We all had fun opening gifts and it was just an enjoyable time. Then. . . Christmas afternoon came. My family and I were going down to Duluth for christmas dinner at my mom's brother's house. My aunt wanted to come, but my grandma (who was making the food) said there wouldn't be enough. Well, it ended with my mom leaving with my aunt coming to get her because of her being angy that my aunt couldn't come.
Going back further, well, I lost a friend that was aforementioned in "Never Alone." He is not living for Christ right now, and things have ended poorly for us. He has turned to swearing and anger, because his dad left them. I think he could really use some prayer right now. Prayer that he will come back to God. I ended up deleting him on Facebook because of previous things, and he sent me an angry message. We texted, and I doubt he listened to a single thing that I had to say to him. I have to let it go, though, and trust God will get him back to where he needs to be. It's the hardest thing that I've ever had to do, but it is for the best for the both of us. That makes it a little bit easier.
I'm not complaining. I've definitely learned to rely on God more than anything else in the world through everything that has been happening with my family and my friend. I've learned to trust in Him with all that I have and to give every part of me to Him. It's been amazing really, to just give it all up. It's a freeing sensation, but yet it is frightening because I don't know where the Lord is going to lead me. That's okay, though.
I've been thinking about living for the dot and the line a lot lately, and which one I've been living for. I must admit, I haven't been living for the line lately, but I'm changing that. the dot is a scary thing to live for. You tend to lose yourself to selfishness and pride. I'm not about to gain the whole world and lose my soul in the process.

So, I have a challenge for you. Think about it. i mean, REALLY think about it. Are YOU living for the dot, or the LINE?

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