Dec 26, 2010

Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project: The Urimos!

After typing about fifty different salutations at the beginning of this post, all of them corny, I've decided to just begin. I hope you all had a very merry celebration of Christ's birth with your families! Here we go!

A couple weeks ago in church, I picked up a Wycliffe Newsletter to read (an elderly couple in our congregation translate in Cambodia. They've been there 6 months of every year for who knows how long). I read about Vision 2025 : Wycliffe's Goal of starting a bible translation project in every language group that needs one. With current progress, a new project is started every 5 days, but at that rate, Vision 2025 will be completed in 2038. That gives a lot of time for people to die without hearing God's word.

Anyway, I sent in to become part of the Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project , which sends you a prayer card with the name of an unreached people group on it. I just got mine on Christmas Eve!!! They keep track of your info and if there are any developments, they send you updates!

I'm doing research as I write this, but let's see what I can find out about the Urimo People of Papua New Guinea!

Papua New Guinea is about the size of California......6.5 million people......Over 850!
According to the US Department of State, 96% of the population are Christians, and other religions include spirit worship and ancestor cults. That means that 240,000 people are unreached.

About 800 people speak Urimo. Information is really scarce about this tribe, but pray for them with me. Every single person counts. If I get any updates, I'll let you guys know.

Urimo People: Torricelli 147
Have a great holiday break and do hard things!


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  2. This was really encouraging! I'm so glad that we are making an impact on people across the globe through Christ.
    I'll be checking out your blog.

    Your Sister in Christ,