Oct 4, 2010

Freeze Tag

Kids run and scream and giggle after Sunday School, playing in the grass outside of the church. Freeze tag. Have you ever played? The way these little ones play, one boy in particular is almost always "it". He's fast, and the boys admire his speed. The girls are afraid of his cooties. Imagine he was running up to you. You run. You play along, but trip accidentally. You're tagged. Frozen.

You can't move at all, and for your young mind, it seems like the end of the world. You hold your breath. Scared, sad, and suspecting defeat; you stay still as a statue. Suddenly you're not alone. Some other child comes over swiftly; and in an act of pure chivalry, touches your hand to free you from your invisible captivity. You're free to run and giggle once more, this time being faster, stronger, and careful not to fall. You feel different now. Not quite as invincible.

Where do you go from here? Do you stay on the outskirts of the game and dawdle carefully on the borderline? Do you tease the "it" and try to prove your speed and reclaim your dignity? I never really did either of those when I was little, to tell you the truth. I was a superhero (in my head, at least.) I'd run around, unfreezing the players around me.

It was a sure-fire way to win. The "it" would give up, never freezing every one of us. When we worked to help each other in the fray, we succeeded. The enemy fell at the feet of those who were on the side of good.

I think these children were on to something.

What if we did that? If Christ's family didn't judge each other, but helped each other? If instead of backing out of the game and giving up, we stepped up to the plate and did something about the persecution we face daily? If instead of getting up and playing with fire again, we simmered down enough to not only dodge another struggle, but find a solution to our neighbor's struggle as well? What a world we'd live in.

Scripture says that there is a spiritual battle going on. God vs. Satan. Human vs. Sinful Nature. Angels vs. Demons. Call me crazy, but if the angels are heading out against demons, they must know what they're doing. However, Man's side of the deal is lacking in their multi-millennial experience. We have no clue what we're doing. Go figure. (Good thing we win in the end.)

So, if we are warriors in this crazy spirit-war, the only real solution is to help each other out. Think about it. Any military failure around this world had some sort of miscommunication or foolishness on the part of a few people. What was everybody else doing? Standing by, hoping they're not the ones about to be shot down in the next minutes.

Is THAT what we're doing? Are you sitting around, hoping God doesn't throw anything your way? Trying to avoid the risks of loving other people, because they might love you back? Where's the WARRIOR in that?

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