Sep 25, 2010

Hanging By a Moment

Life is fragile; so are friendships and relationships with people. that's what I have learned these last couple of weeks. All of us are constantly changing and becoming more of who we are. Sometimes it's a good thing, but at other times it can be bad.

God has been showing me lately how constant He is and how He'll never change. He's always there helping me overcome the world and its unfaithfulness. These last couple of weeks have been hard with friends and not having any sense of direction. People let you down, and that is just a "simple" part of life, but is it really?

It's been like weathering a storm and trying to remain strong in where I stand with God when the world is relentlessly trying to pull me down. God has been amazing through it and I can't believe that I am where I am right now. God has just been so good to me and laying a comforting hand on my shoulder through it all. He has given me the strength to forgive and it has just really put it into perspective how fragile everything is and you just need to cherish what you have been given.

I know, it sounds like I may have lost a family member or something, but that's not what it is. I almost lost my best friend because of the world dragging him down in spirit and in many other ways. It was really hard to deal with at first because I had such tunnel vision about it, but God was really faithful through it and helped us through that really difficult day. I'm so glad for the friends that I have been given that pray for me and love me. That really showed me a lot about God, too.

That entire day just drained me, but showed me that when I was completely broken, God never left my side and never removed His uplifting arms from being around me. It showed me that brokenness doesn't go unnoticed and it isn't wasted. It showed me that I need to let God do everything instead of taking it into my own hands and trying to fix things. It showed me that if I just let go, it's then I'll find my soul and peace through Him.

It's frustrating to know that a friend is hurting but there is nothing that you can do about it because of the distance that is between the two of you. It's even more frustrating to know that this friend wouldn't be hurting if they were where they truly needed to be. But again, God has a plan, and His plan is true and right. You just have to be okay with it, because sometimes, that's all you have to go off of.

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