Sep 11, 2010

The Call of Jeremiah (According to Petey)

To me, TCOJ is an outreach blog to the lost, unsaved, saved, and the found. We can reach out to everyone and show everyone God's love for us all. It will give us a chance to express how we have grown, or maybe even fallen in the past weeks or days. Like Essa and Amorette said, we never claimed to be perfect. It's a chance for us to say what's on our hearts and minds and to see how God is working in other people's lives this very moment.

It also gives us a chance to talk to other people about the LORD and maybe work through some difficult times that they are having. Satan is trying his very hardest to make us, as Christians or the unsaved, to fall as much as possible so that we fall away from God and towards him. He wants to pluck us from His hand, but as some of us well know, we are chosen and that can't, nor will it, happen. Sure, we may fall away, but He always, always, always, brings us back to Him, like the song "Here is Our King" by the David Crowder Band says.

Below are some things that I know that we are and what we aren't:

1. We are normal people, just like you. We are just three girls on a mission, and that mission is to
 reach out to all of you, to show you that Jesus loves you. He loves you so much, that He would die the death of a sinner. He paid the price for you, for me, for all of us. When He died, He conquered death because He was the Sinless Lamb, the Perfect Sacrifice.

2. We aren't perfect. Hey, we all make mistakes, and we all stumble. A Brother in Christ of mine, I think, puts it in the best context, "When we are saved, God takes away the sin, but not the stupid." Like I said, we stumble, but we are forgiven.

3. We are on a mission. Sometimes that mission changes, but most of all we are trying to convey the love of Jesus to everybody to make them want to come to Him. We are on a mission to strive to be different to show people that there is a difference between us, and the unsaved. We strive to be better people each day for the love of Christ because He became sin, who knew no sin, so that we might become His righteousness, as the song "Jesus Messiah" by Chris Tomlin says.

4. We are different. This doesn't mean that we have different clothes or wear our hair differently than you. It's what is on the inside that we are different with. Though, with clothing, we strive to be modest to help other brothers not fall because of what we put on in the mornings.

Lastly, we are trying to live a life like Christ. When I say that, I mean we are trying to love like Him, care like Him, and be wise like Him. God calls us to do just that each and every day. By doing TCOJ, we are trying to glorify and edify God in the highest respect, in the highest form.

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