Jan 27, 2012

Pure Bride

Hello fellow bloggers and readers alike! It's been a while since I last posted-sorry for the delay- and as I was listening to a song this wonderful evening I decided to post about it. :)

Many of you know the song "Pure Bride" by Leeland and those who don't, I highly recommend you listen to it. Before I head off to sleep, I decided to listen to the song and just. . . Listen for God's voice, and I really think He showed me something. I could literally feel God wrapping His arms around me.

In the future, God promises to come back for His pure bride. Pure bride. I've never really taken the time to really focus on that specifically, but tonight, I guess God really wanted me to think about it. Meditate on the words. God calls us to live a life set apart from those who do not follow Him and He wants us to live it out so that the difference between us and non-Christians is noticeable. He wants us to live pure lives for Him. When He comes for us, those who are not set apart will make way for God to come get those of us who are set apart. With this comes a great responsibility. That is to honor God in everything that we do.

In the ending of the song, it asks "What are you doing when no one is watching?" That has really impacted me since the first time I listened to it. I mean, truly, what am I doing when no one is watching? Am I glorifying God, or am I doing something that I wouldn't want others to know about? What am I doing in that spare time I have? I would have to say that much of the spare time I have doesn't go to God. Not as much as it should. And I really want to change that.

Then it says "Children get your hearts right. God's coming for a pure bride. Children get your hearts right." Wow. It's just incredibly powerful to hear those words in a song so beautifully sung. I am to prepare my heart for the return of Jesus Christ. Would I really be willing to admit that I am ready for that? That I am a "pure bride?" in some ways, I would have to say no simply because I have so much growing to do and so much to learn about Him. I would have to say that I could lead a better pure life for Him.

I picture being that child clothed in white and being that pure bride for God. I picture running into His arms and being finally, eternally whole. I want that. I want to be His pure bride. I want Him to be the love of my life, because I truly do put things before Him. I'm tired of doing that. I want a change of heart.

Nov 11, 2011

Computers Need Love Too

I'm awful, followers. Truly, truly awful. It's been - oh, dear technological degenerative traits of mine - far too long since I've written in this beloved little portal of thought. (In my defense, I haven't had a functional computer at my disposal since springtime. Even now, I'm using a borrowed laptop. ) I could come up with a million excuses, but who would want to read those? ;)

Computers - and computer problems - are not exactly my forte. Technology simply eludes me most of the time. Honestly, I type about 11 words per minute, can rarely turn a computer on for the first time without some help, and spent 2 1/2 minutes staring at a computer screen with the face of a friend in it while I wondered what a "skpe" was. I'm far to young to be this dang old.

However, recently I've discovered that the computer really is a very useful tool for communication, and I've been giving it a bum rap.

"I HATE technology. . . "

But I use it to read, write, speak, and learn.

"Some people spend way too much time on Facebook. . ."

But I can, with only a click, see the faces of far-off friends and be a part of their world.

I really abhor love-hate relationships. They don't work in life, they don't work in theory, and they DEFINITELY don't work in technology. So, Lord willing me the ability, I'm back for awhile, with a better attitude. Sound good?

I'm praying for you guys, even if I don't know the whole story most of the time. (Sometimes, it's better that way. There ARE a few creeps on the Internet.) God knows, though.

With a "Happy Veterans' Day!" and "Make a wish!" on 11-11-11, I'll be praying for you, reading your blogs, and showing some love to this world of computer-generated life. God bless.

Oct 11, 2011

Bullying, Prayers, Loving, and Lonliness

Main Idea: Post how I can pray for you in the comments.

While writing an essay for a school assignment about 5 seconds ago, I was reminded of something I had completely forgotton about: Horse Camp, through my Girl Scout Camp...the summer after 3rd grade.

Okay, so work with me here and try to picture me in 3rd grade:

 I had a hideously short haircut (I have red hair), perfectly round brown glasses, and I wore matching leggings and long-sleeve shirts to school everyday. Me in jeans? Yeah, right!

The minute I walked in the door I spotted a girl who I immediately wanted to be friends with. She was tall, skinny, blond, etc. but the minute the adults walked out of the room, it was like one of those midnight cat fights you might hear in the alley. It was bad. I was the main target, so that made the other girls not want to be friends with me. Nights were the worst because we didn't have a counselor stay with us in the cabins.

It's really interesting when you think about it: girls learn these behaviors from others. Someone teaches them to be awful. I suppose we do all have that deep down thing that originated from Adam, Eve, and the apple, but still.

Lately I've been deeply thinking about humans, and how our deepest desire is to be loved. The deepest desire of everyone I know is to be loved and accepted for who they are. That's my deepest desire.

It's also interesting to think about how we, especially us girls, get so desperate for this love, that we settle for only 'attention' from other people, the wrong kinds of people. And we forget those that love us most: our true, honest-to-God friends (I mean that seriously: my friends are honest to God.), our parents, and our heavenly father. I know I forget about Him. It's easy to trust him in the good times, when everything is going our way. But it's hard when you feel so alone that you spend all day in the nurse's office crying, skipping two college credit courses in the process. Jesus loved me first, deepest, hardest, and he'll love me the longest.

Sometimes, you just need to be reminded.

I am so blessed to have Mo and Petey as my two very best Honest-to-God friends. They are beautiful people, in every possible way.

So: What are you guys struggling with? I know this blog doesn't have a huge following, but we can pray for each other! Send me a message or comment below. Jesus loves you; it's not just a kid's song.

Oh, and P.S. Shout out to Logan over at http://lovwritingblog.blogspot.com/ . He's had some great thought-provoking posts lately that I've genuinely enjoyed and been blessed by. Thanks Logan!